June 2015

silk scrolls

I'm hoping to print up these shimmering silk scroll designs into satin wearable oblongs.  They come from watercolors I did for the Met Opera a couple of months ago and were put aside as too expensive but they've been beckoning me back.  The inspiration comes from a mix of Belle Époque Paris and Raoul Dufy meet in Maxim's.  I'm working out some more bright and saturated color combinations.  Fingers crossed they go to print.  They’d look great on cotton too.




Jelly Art

I fell in love with Jelly making these Jelly shots for my friend Laurie Olinder's show.  They're filled with delicious rum and Curacao and inspired by Laurie's beautiful hanging paintings called ‘Paper Falls' on show now at the Phatory gallery 618 East 9th street. Fun and yum! I think I'll be making more jelly shots in all shapes, flavors and styles!



Butterfly Fan Print

Designing fun new prints for Madame Butterfly at the Met... based on and inspired by traditional Japanese woodblock designs.  For long skinny scarves...


All images © Nadia Roden. No reproduction permitted without written permission.

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