April 2014

Jungian or marbles in my mouth?

Part of a selection of story boards I created for a new print technique, the only one on the East coast and it's at Prestone Printing.  The printer will pick out certain aspects and print them in shiny 3-D?   trippy


a flash in the pan

Can you guess who these two guys are?  They helped create one of the biggest revolutions in culinary history…  a flash in the pan- a sneak peek into my new book…


Pop Art!

It’s almost here!  The Ice Kitchen book of Lollies.  Good Golly! 50 Lollies!  A family project- Congrats to Pete for his stunning book design.  Be sure to save some room for these sensations-on-a-stick – Book available from July 3rd (Quadrille Publishing).    By the Ice Wizards – Cesar and Nadia Roden    http://www.quadrille.com/books/food-and-wine/book/uk_1849494665/ice-kitchen


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