Animation: My animations are like moving paintings.

A love story set in New York City.
Painted with sumi ink on rice paper.

(Winner of many awards including
the Charles Samu award for
an animation that communicates
beyond words and across

A hallucinogenic underwater
concert. Jellyfish, urchins,
seahorses, squid and starfish
perform ‘Busby Berkeley’ style to Saint Saens’ ‘Aquarium’
(for HBO’s Classical Baby show)

Beano TV Commercials
Inspired by 50’s Hollywood movie scenes,
with the leading characters as vegetables
(and a muffin). Romanticizing gas.
(For Publicis Advertising Agency)

Fruit of Love
A swirling celebration of
Cleopatra’s favorite fruit.
Sung by Taye Giraude.

(song composed especially for this animation
by Bill Goudh and Nina Mankin)
As part of my ‘Stories From
the Fruit Bowl’ Project.

Naked Revolution
A small clip from an animated
backdrop, which was projected
onto scrims for David Soldier’s
comic opera ‘Naked Revolution’
at the Guthrie Theatre Lab
in Minneapolis.

Drowning Crow
Animated backdrop for a suicide
Scene in the play ‘Drowning Crow’
Presented by the Manhattan
Theatre Club

Hanukah oh Hanukah
A rollicking Chagall-inspired
rooftop Hanukah dance

Bette Midler sang especially for
this animation. (For HBO TV.)

Dance of the Dots
A kaleidoscopic tango
made with cut-out paper.
(with music composed
by Joel Douek)

Underwater Hygiene
Bedtime for underwater
creatures. A Sesame Street piece
encouraging little ones to
wash and brush teeth before sleep.
(Music by David Soldier)

Who's Hiding
A few short guessing game sketches
(for Sesame Street with music by David Soldier)

Sesame Street Animal Prints
Drawing in the camera frame
—Fleischer style—for kids at
Sesame Street International.
(Music by Joel Douek)

All images © Nadia Roden. No reproduction permitted without written permission.

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