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Happy Halloween ...Scary scenes I painted for my daughter's school's haunted house -to scare the kids- which was themed around old fairy tales ....


New silk screen prints for the Met Opera

I've been away from my news reel for a while and theres a lot of lovely stuff to catch up on... The Lolly book I wrote with my nephew Cesar is being translated into three languages! Italian, Swedish and Finnish and it will also be available in the USA this May...wooooho!   Theres also a big suprise for xmas coming your way... say no more.  I'm designing new wraps for the Met Opera, inspired by The Merry Widow...  bold color combinations below.....   



pre-flight disorganization


flirtatious new Scarf in the making

Preliminary sketches for a flirtatious new scarf I'm designing especially for the Met Opera's new production of Franz Lehar's Austro-Hungarian operetta The Merry Widow. I'm printing it on a 36" silk satin square and it's set during the Belle Epoque in Paris (You'll find me at Maxim's).  You'll have to wait till October to wear this coquettish little scarf but you can purchase any one of my opera scarves in squares or oblongs either through me (email me for some pics and prices and I'll send them) or from the Metropolitan Opera shop on line.


Jungian or marbles in my mouth?

Part of a selection of story boards I created for a new print technique, the only one on the East coast and it's at Prestone Printing.  The printer will pick out certain aspects and print them in shiny 3-D?   trippy


Tempestuous new scarf

New blustery scarf designs for the Met Opera...   

I'll be printing them on silk for the opening night of La Boheme at the Met in New York in Jan 2014

I hope you'll keep warm with these and wrap them around you this winter (I'm taking orders in December and totally immersed in chill till then!  A wonderful suprise I'm working on with my nephew Cesar!


A romantic new scarf in the making

I've been away all summer and blogless... A wonderful holiday in Italy and London and lots of exciting news... I'm working on a fun new book (an icy one) to be published in Spring... I made a little animation for my friend Elena Lappin's new Book Trailer Trash venture (I'll post it) and created some delicious new pop recipes with my nephew for the sought-after Ice Kitchen carts in London.  I'm designing a scarf for the Metropolitan Opera's upcoming production of La Boheme and another scarf to be decided, for the Royal Opera house in London!  Here's a thumb nail sketch which I hope to develop into a scarf, full of Paris romance - 1830's style - with the classic story intertwined.  I'll let you know when its finished... Lily a constant inspiration and taste tester for the new book.


Wrapped in glam

Glamorous 'Jewels of The Opera' scarves have all been printed and available at the Metroplolitan Opera Shop -




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